Limitless Mind and Body with Qualia

Ever since watching the film Limitless and the television series of the same name, I have been searching for something similar to the mysterious drug called NZT-48. Let me first start by stating that I am not completely insane and I do realize this pill is fictional. However, there are smart drugs out there that are safe and legal.
Over the past couple years, I have been researching and testing out different types of nootropics (otherwise known as smart drugs). Additionally, I have been looking for a new multi-vitamin as I spend way too much money on vitamins and nootropics! A couple months ago, I came across a nootropic called Qualia. The team at Neurohacker has truly created something special with this. If I had to name a smart drug (one that is safe and legal) approaching the fictional NZT-48, it would definitely be Qualia
So, let me show you what is in Qualia and how it will help you. Once you are convinced that Qualia is for you… use the promotion code WARRIOR and purchase Qualia Here For a 10% Discount! 
Executive Summary
Let’s take a quick overview of what will be discussed.
1. What is in Qualia?
2. Hyper-Metacognition.
3. Superior Energy.
4. Think – Look – Feel.
What is in Qualia?
Qualia is a multi-nootropic (nootropic stack) and multi-vitamin. It comes in two bottles. Step One is bottle one and Step Two is bottle two. 
The ingredients to each bottle are identified below.
I read several reviews when researching Qualia. Here is what the team at had to say.
“As someone immersed within the nootropic and smart drug space, the thing that excites me the most about Qualia is the new approach. Qualia seems to provide a completely different approach to nootropic stacks than any other brand I have seen. A skim of the ingredients will show any nootropic enthusiast that the objective with Qualia is essentially everything. They’re trying to build an all-in-one stack.”
They concluded,
“Qualia is most useful for high performance individuals (entrepreneurs, executives, professionals).”
One of the fantastic chemicals in Qualia is PRL 853. This chemical possesses the ability to increase your digit span, which significantly increases memory retention. Not only does Qualia boost memory retention, but it also allows a person to achieve sustained attention and focus. Let’s take a look at what one of the co-founders of Neurohacker says about Qualia. Daniel Schmachtenberger says that Qualia allows a person to increase memory retention, yet allows a person to take action at the same time,
“(Qualia) Allows them (all of us) to actually apply that (deep thinking) and not be stuck in procrastination.”
Qualia allows us to not only improve our critical analytical capabilities but to improve our creative and metacognitive abilities as well. Schmachtenberger remarked,
“Our goal was to make the system more efficient overall and to increase the net capacity and information processing so we can simultaneously be more driven and more present at the same time.”
Superior Energy
Running, exercise, and taking Qualia are key to my success in life. For me, running brings about creative inspiration. It is amazing how ideas pop in and out of my mind when I run. Yet, this has been extensively enhanced by taking Qualia. Let’s take a look at two powerful reasons why Qualia and exercise will evolve your life as it has my own.
1.     Neurogenesis. Exercising, especially in the morning, prepares the brain for optimal learning and sparks Neurogenesis. Neurogenesis demonstrates that exercise is strongly correlated with increased brain mass, improved cognition, and new brain cell production. It is sparked by exercise. Explicitly aerobic exercise, which is the optimal vehicle for the production of the magical substance known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)
     2.  Metabolism. Metabolism is the sum of total energy our body expends each day. Just as in our car, we burn less fuel at rest compared to when we are moving. Simply put, the more active we are during the day, the more we burn, and the higher our metabolism.  
For a detailed look at my morning routine and what I do to keep my body charged all day long, I highly recommend you read the following.
Neurohacker co-founder Schmachtenberger had the following to say regarding Neurogenesis and Qualia,
“You can have more deep focus and better task switching at the same. This is why so much of the formula is not only focused on real time chemistry, but is focused on things like Neurogenesis and Synaptogenesis and synaptic plasticity.”
Think – Look – Feel
Most of us live life where, we know we need to get better, yet we just can’t. It seems as though how we think, look, and feel are all interconnected… which they are. When our mind is foggy and we can’t think, we don’t look well, and we don’t feel well.

There is a gap in between each, but how can we fill it? The answer… Qualia!

So, if you want your thoughts to be clear, if you want to look better, and feel better… purchase Qualia Here For a 10% Discount! and use the promotion code WARRIOR for 10% off your purchase.

Also, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding Qualia.
Ultimately, we should strive to become better and evolve, for which Qualia puts us on the right path. I will conclude with this quote from Schmachtenberger on the use of Qualia,

“You can actually be evolving a more complex information processing system that has more net capacity.” 


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